Friday, May 7, 2010

Sit You Die!

A new study shows that workers who sit for most of their day have a greater chance of dying early than those who stand up regularly. That is some scary news for most of American Office Workers who sit all day at their computer screens. To view the Fox News video clip about the study click on the link below.

The Office Planning Group has several products to allow workers to switch between sitting and standing during their work day. The Mayline VariTask series allows the user to kick back his chair and raise the table height to work in a standing position at any time. The ESI Ergonomic Solutions innovative Apollo PAC stations easily adjust for sit or stand applications and give the user perfect ergonomic alignment. These "life-saving" products and many more are available at aggressive pricing from The Office Planning Group.

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  1. Every person must be have physical work daily so in office sometime work by standing,such office designing is very comfortable for IT employees.